Enjoy a Whopping 30% Off on All Annual Plans! Coupon : FLAT30
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Enjoy a Whopping 30% Off on All Annual Plans! Coupon : FLAT30

Enjoy a Whopping 30% Off on All Annual Plans! Coupon : FLAT30

Everything You Need to Run a Brand in Reddit

Expand your reach and increase engagement on Reddit with our advanced Reddit automation tool.

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Transform Your Social Presence

Supercharge your Reddit presence with Socinator’s robust marketing tools and cultivate vibrant community engagement.

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Activity Statistics And Reports
View all the reports and statistics from time to time for the activities performed with your accounts.
Reddit Auto Post
Publish Reddit posts directly to SubReddits or your wall without breaking the consistency and putting extra efforts. Just schedule and leave the rest to us.
Auto Follow & Unfollow
Search for Reddit users who are interested in your niche and automatically follow them. Similarly, unfollow the Reddit users who are not contributing much to your subreddit community.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Reddit Marketing Using Reddit Marketing Automation

Full Account And Report Export
With extensive reports and in-depth analytics, Socinator gives users insights into specific posts and their overall audience engagement.
Efficient Account Management
Manage multiple Reddit accounts without much difficulty with our marketing automation Reddit software & get rid of the complicated manual management of each Reddit profile.
Reddit Subscribe & Unsubscribe Communities
Effortlessly subscribe or unsubscribe to the communities that seem relevant to you. We help you get a good exposure of quality communities & leads that can make your Reddit unbeatable.
Find And Extract
Discover the convenience of precise data extraction with promisingly fast, reliable & easy configurations. We help you find and save everything in one place.
Automate Comment & Replies
Post comments and replies to the relevant feeds in your community while you are sleeping. We make sure that you never miss out on validating your audience.
Reddit Auto upvote
Improve your organic reach rates via engaging with other users in your feed. Automate your upvote activity for posts or comments & boost your profile visibility.
Auto Downvote
Effortlessly downvote the posts or comments that don’t seem relevant to your feed. We let you automate every activity, downvotes too!
Auto Remove Vote
Easily remove your votes within seconds from the posts you have voted to previously. Upvotes or Downvotes, it works for both.
Monitor Folder Feature
Activate auto share mode for all or selective media from your system’s folder and post them on the Reddit platform.
Proxy Support
Run each Reddit account with its own HTTP proxy for an increased level of privacy and security.